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Tank truck driver Monica nominated for Shell Smiling Stars

The Shell Smiling Stars corporate event is an internal incentive program of Shell. A personal once-in-a-lifetime experience for over a thousand people from more than 60 countries during 4 days in Dubai. Our tanker driver Monica Picu will be present!

Monica will witness a varied program consisting of a welcome evening, business conference, leisure dinners, awards ceremony, leisure tours and concluded with a Gala Award Dinner.

The example of an excellent tank truck driver

As a thank you for her enthusiasm, expertise, trust and commitment, Van Waveren Transport is pleased to announce that we have nominated tank truck driver Monica for the Shell Smiling Stars Awards! She is the ultimate example of how we like to see a tanker driver working in their profession.

Tank truck driver Monica about the best of her profession

Monica was also previously interviewed about her role as a tanker driver in the talk show M, where Margriet van der Linden discusses the news of the day. On December 9, 2021 it was Truck Driver’s Day. That’s why Monica Picu came to the table to talk about her job in the cabin. Monica about the best of her profession: “Everything. Everything is the most beautiful, is that possible?! It’s a kind of freedom you have.” Watch the fragment (in Dutch) here: M • Thu 9 Dec 19:05

The work in the picture; the promo video making-of

To introduce our Monica, a professional promo video has of course been recorded in which she talks about her job as a tank truck driver and where she of course shows her work! Curious about how that worked? Watch the making of below!

Looking back at the Knights of the Road at Van Waveren Transport

Knights of the road, our superheroes and their trucks make quite a few kilometers every year. That is why it is very important to maintain the professionalism of these drivers and, where possible, to stimulate and reward them.

Award for claim-free years

The TVM safety plan, established in 1966, already had more than 30,000 knights on the counter during the 50th edition of Knights of the Road in 2018. 1,535 years of damage-free driving, countless safe kilometers. The drivers received awards for various damage-free years and are sworn in as ‘Knights of the Road’. The drivers are honored and this is how the craftsmanship is celebrated.

Drivers qualify for this honorable award and receive bronze with 3 years, silver with 5 years, gold with 10 years and diamond with 20 years, if they drive without damage. This means that they were not involved in a traffic accident or were involved without fault.

89 drivers without damage at Van Waveren Transport

Our champs, we are proud to publish the awards that our reliable drivers have received in recent years.

  • 2 Knights of the Road in 2018: 2 silver
  • 13 Knights of the Road in 2017: 3 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze
  • 20 Knights of the Road in 2016: 5 Gold, 6 Silver, 9 Bronze
  • 19 Knights of the Road in 2015: 5 silver, 14 bronze
  • 11 Knights of the Road in 2013: 5 silver, 6 bronze
  • 9 Knights of the Road in 2012: 1 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze
  • 11 Knights of the Road in 2011: 4 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze
  • 4 Knights of the Road in 2010: 4 bronze

Deployment of our drivers with safety at number 1

Congratulations to all 89 drivers with this milestone in your years on the road for Van Waveren Transport, thank you for your commitment and precision! We are proud of our reliable drivers and wish us many more damage-free years and safe kilometers on the road at our company. Superheroes, thank you for your efforts!

Unfortunately, from 2019, the concept of Ridders van de Weg has been given a new look. No more bronze, silver or gold awards for the drivers. The initiative of the regular Knights of the Road awards was replaced from 2019 by a national search for the TVM Award Knight. This award is intended for a driver who has made a valuable contribution to transport safety.

Our drivers back in the spotlight: Truck Driver Day 9 Dec 2021

On December 9, 2021, there was again plenty of attention for our hard-working men and women behind the wheel of the truck. Rightly so. Because they make the difference: Safe on the road. Thank you!

Attention and publicity for the truck driver

We at Van Waveren Transport think our drivers are worth gold and are therefore participating in the Day of the Truck Driver again this year with a nice promotion to start a new tradition to put drivers in a well-deserved spotlight and at the same time increase the attractiveness of the truck driver. increase the profession. Thank you truck drivers! #JEBENTEENTOPER #DVC2021

Our drivers are worth gold

On the day of the truck driver, one of our female drivers, Monica Picu, sat at the table to talk about her job in the cabin on the KRO-NCRV talk show M, where Margriet van der Linden discusses the news of the day. Monica works with us in fuel distribution in shifts, day shifts and night shifts. Monica loves everything about her job as a truck driver. She describes the truck as a moving office. You have everything you need with you. Especially yourself of course. You’re the director, you’re the manager, you’re the secretary, everything. She has been doing the job for twenty years and really likes that the view is different every time.

Monica also received a price from us for the day of the truck driver, a well-deserved surprise. Because as she herself says: “Congratulations with us ;-)”

More attention for the driver’s profession

“I think we should show the children, especially from an early age, what kind of profession this is, how beautiful this can be. Just show what we actually do. Perhaps also useful if you are going to get your driver’s license to just put someone behind the wheel of the truck for an hour. Just in line with your driver’s license. To show, look this is possible, but this, this is it! That feeling and that vehicle following you… You don’t learn that from a book, I think that feeling comes from within” says Monica about the attention that the driver’s profession should deserve. Curious about the full interview with Monica? Check it out here!

We are also still looking for truck drivers for our tankers and tank containers! See our current vacancies below.

Job: Tank Truck Driver

As a tanker driver you will load and unload fuel to keep the road traffic going. This is an important task, you are flexible, you follow all safety regulations carefully and you are busy with the administration.

Job: Tank Container Driver

As a tank container driver you mainly transport chemicals to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. You leave on Sunday evening or Monday morning and return on Friday or Saturday. More information?

Dutch Championship safest driver finalists to Volvo factory Gothenburg Sweden

All 25 finalists of the NK Safest Driver 2021 received prizes this year. In addition to a ticket for the final day at the TT Circuit in Assen, they also won a trip. Volvo Trucks Netherlands organised a two-day trip to Gothenburg, Sweden for the finalists.

Our two drivers Dirk-Jan Uitbeijerse and Martin Kolff were there

Two of our drivers from the 25 finalists of the Dutch Championship Safest Driver in the Netherlands Dirk-Jan Uitbeijerse and Martin Kolff visited the Volvo factory in Gothenburg in Sweden on 24 and 25 November. A great experience to be able to view the latest techniques here and to be able to drive, for example, an FH16 with 750 hp.

Taking into account the corona measures applicable in Sweden, the finalists started their excursion day with an extensive tour of the Volvo Trucks factory. The tour was followed by a spectacular final chord on the grounds of the Volvo Experience Centre. All drivers received a presentation and were then allowed to drive on a closed circuit in a Volvo truck of their choice. From electric variants to a truck fully loaded with wet tree trunks; the choice was huge. For many it was a special experience to drive in other trucks, larger or smaller. In addition to being fun and enjoyable, the trip was also very educational.

About the Dutch Championship Safest Driver

Road safety is and remains an important theme. Last year there were almost 19,000 road deaths in Europe. Research shows that human behaviour plays a major role in more than 90 percent of the number of accidents; that percentage must and can be reduced.

TVM insurance has been committed to transport safety for decades. The NK Safest Driver is part of the TVM Awards, an initiative of TVM to create more awareness among all road users for safety on the road and at the same time to show appreciation for Dutch professional drivers.

Winner NK Safest Driver talks about his work with passion

Our winner Martin Kolff of the Dutch National Championships Safest Driver 2019 feels like a fish in water in tank transport. He writes safety with a capital V. In the prevention special of TVM Actueel July 2021, Martin tells extensively about his work.

From postman to truck driver

Kolff has been driving tank trucks since 2006. First at De Rijke and now for 10 years for Shell via his employer Van Waveren Transport from Amsterdam. He calls his work the best there is. Although that was not to be expected at the start of his driver career. In his early days as a postman, his father advised him to get a lot of driver’s licenses so that he would always have something to fall back on. He did not disregard this advice. After working for several years as a postman, Martin Kolff started a career as a truck driver.

The transition from a profession where you are constantly moving and among people to sitting for hours alone in a cabin was difficult for him. “I delivered mail and chatted with the villagers all the time. I was regularly invited for a cup of coffee and I sat at Jan and everyone’s house for a while. So it was a bit rough on my roof to speak to few people as a truck driver and to have to rely on yourself in the cab. But everything went well. Of course I still love to have a chat at locations where I have to load and/or unload. That’s just in me.”

Challenging work, but above all fun

It is not easy to drive with tens of thousands of liters of flammable liquids such as petrol or diesel. “It is easier to drive with a full tanker than with a half-full tanker. Driving a half-full tanker requires much more concentration. When you brake, the fluid sloshes behind you on all sides. As a result, if you do not brake well enough, you can still gain some momentum. You don’t want that.”

The work has essentially not changed in recent years. However, according to Kolff, it has all become a lot easier. According to him, this mainly has to do with the so-called ‘sniffing system’. This system ensures that it is no longer possible to confuse, for example, diesel and petrol during loading or unloading. The system blocks access when something is not right. In this way, the chance of failure is a lot smaller. “Of course that makes a difference. The work has become a lot more intense in the field of administration and procedures. There is a lot to consider when it comes to safety. Everything is monitored and monitored. We are constantly working on safety, but that is of course a very good thing.”

Read the full article in Dutch from TVM Actueel here

New tractor MAN TGX 18.470 drives 10% more economically

Last week our driver Erwin Mulder received his new tractor, the MAN TGX 18.470. This new model is up to 10% more fuel efficient than the previous models.

Lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions

To be successful, it is necessary to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). The main influencing factor here is the fuel consumption which makes up 30% of the TCO. MAN has therefore taken a range of measures to further optimize the airflow guidance along the cab. These measures lead to lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, which of course fits in perfectly with our program from CO2 compensation to reduction.

Accident prevention & emergency braking function

The tractor is equipped with the following safety systems:

-Lane Change Support with blind spot assistance
-Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go (with remote control)
-Lane Departure Warner (LDW)
-Emergency brake assistant (EBA)

The latter safety system prevents accidents (warns the driver of an imminent collision and activates the emergency brake in the event of danger) and warns the traffic behind (the emergency brake flashing function warns the traffic in the event of an emergency braking).

Van Waveren Transport does not cut corners on safety. We wish our Erwin a lot of safe km with his new truck!

Truck Driver’s Day, new date: Thursday December 9, 2021

We look back with great pleasure on – exactly one year ago today – the very successful first Day of the Truck Driver in 2019.

Rescheduled due to Corona

Under the current, limited corona possibilities, it is now not possible to celebrate this day again with so many fun and “live” initiatives.

Month of celebrations: December

Therefore a new date: Thursday December 9, 2021, Day of the Truck Driver. We at Van Waveren Transport are already looking forward to putting our drivers in the spotlight!

Initiative by

The Day of the Truck Driver is an initiative by employer and employee organizations TLN, VVT, FNV Transport en Logistiek and CNV Vakmensen and the Training and Development Fund for professional goods transport SOOB. The implementation is in the hands of the Transport and Logistics Sector Institute and Truckstar.

NK Safest driver 2020 moved to 2021

The outbreak of the corona virus has an enormous impact on society as a whole, but certainly also on the Logistics and Transport sector. For that reason, the start of both the TVM Awards campaign and the NK Safest Chauffeur competition had already been postponed until further notice.

TVM moves NK

In view of the current situation, TVM has decided to postpone the NK Safest Chauffeur to 2021. The planned event in Assen on September 26, 2020 will also be canceled.

The two other TVM Awards (Veilig Transport and Ridder 2020) were still awarded to a company and a driver respectively who have distinguished themselves in the field of safety.

The presentation took place on a small scale and was shared via social media. In this way, in these difficult times, appreciation could still be shown to drivers and (transport) entrepreneurs.

October 11 was the last day to nominate a candidate for the TVM Awards Knight 2020 and Safe Transport.

Hero action A28 near Leusden

Tommy Heineman from Alphen aan den Rijn won the TVM Award Knight 2020. The professional driver receives the title for a heroic action that he performed earlier this year on the A28 near Leusden. Tommy quietly brought the car of an unwell woman to a stop against the crash barrier in his truck.

GVT Group of Logistics wins the TVM Award Safe Transport! The Brabant family business has invested heavily in the GVT Academy in recent years. Employees, including some 500 professional drivers, are trained and trained in its own training center. Partly because of this initiative and the overall safety culture within the company, GVT Group of Logistics was nominated for the TVM Award Safe Transport.

With Turbo Compound, we save 4,000 liters of diesel and about 10 tons of CO2 in one year

Van Waveren Transport mainly drives tank containers with chemicals and fuels. Four of our 65 trucks drive almost continuously. One of these is a Volvo FH 460 with I-Save. At more than a quarter of a million kilometers per year, I-Save with Turbo Compound engine saves thousands of liters of diesel and saves tons of CO2.

No regular transport

“Of our 65 towing units, 44 are in our own blue color. We use these to drive chemical tank containers mainly in the Benelux, Germany and Antwerp, but also France, Spain and Turkey ”, says Marga van Waveren (director of Van Waveren Transport). “And once in a while it goes to Morocco and even Belarus. That is not regular transport. It is usually because the customer has an urgent order that does not fit in the regular logistics chain. But we have arranged that kind of work very well, also in Scandinavia. The other trucks are used in fuel distribution. ”

Truly a family business

Father Es van Waveren founded the company in 1972. He has now transferred his position to his three daughters. Because in addition to Marga, her sister Annemarie also works in the business and her third sister Esther is co-owner. “We are truly a family business,” says Marga with some pride. “Because my father is retired, but he is still working on technology. My son Rowdy is on the schedule and Robbie Louman, our QHSSE manager (quality, health, safety, security, and environment, red,) is another cousin of mine. ”

Relationship with Volvo important for continuity

Most of the Van Waveren fleet consists of Volvos. “Today we certainly buy them because of the good relationship with the dealer (Volvo Group Truck Center, ed.)”, Say Marga and Robbie. “Our work is often just in time and we do not want to stand still. That’s where the relationship with Volvo is so important. In addition, we preventively replace slightly more parts than you might normally do. But that little bit of extra maintenance pays for itself later. We do not trade in vehicles ”, says Marga.

“Because of that good maintenance in combination with a young license plate because we drive many kilometers per year, the market always knows where to find us quickly when we replace us.”

As much quality as possible in the safest way possible

“We initially chose Volvo because of the many safety options,” Marga says. “The brand is still leading the way. This built-in safety ties in perfectly with our company philosophy. Everything is aimed at delivering as much quality as possible in the safest way possible. Quality and safety go hand in hand in this type of work. But it is also in our company’s genes. For example, we have a SQAS rating of 96 percent. ” SQAS stands for Safety Quality Assessment System. It is an assessment system developed by the industry to check whether a service provider meets the requirements set with regard to organization, quality, safety and the environment. “You can only achieve that with a lot of training for your drivers,” Robbie adds.

ADR and BBS the standard

“With us, ADR and BBS are the standard. Of course, we also provide all code 95 training courses that suit us. But by focusing and steering on the driver’s driving behavior, you actually get an economical driving behavior and CO2 reduction automatically. ”

In the meantime, the focus on safety, the environment and climate, through CO2 reduction, for example, has become a kind of business model. “It brings us continuity. What we notice is that our high SQAS rating makes it easier to get contracts renewed for some clients, ”says Marga. “You are a kind of preferred supplier to other clients. Take this morning: suddenly three tank containers have to go to Turkey. At that customer we have a score of 100 percent on time delivery and that’s why they ask us. ”

Even more economical with new Volvo I-safe engines

The use of Volvo’s new I-Save engines fits seamlessly into that picture. “CO2 reduction is certainly something we focus on,” Marga explains. “If there is a new engine that will allow us to drive 7 percent more efficiently in one go, we will of course be interested in it. Because we use more than 2 million liters of fuel per year. 7 percent less is good for thousands of liters of diesel and therefore tons of CO2. That is why we have now bought four. Expectations were of course high. Because our drivers have always had very good fuel results. It is not without reason that we have won the Volvo Fuel Concept Challenge or the Shell Fuelsave Partnership four years in a row. On top of that, over the past two years a first and second place at TVM’s The Safest Chauffeur of the Netherlands in collaboration with Volvo, among others. And this year alone we have another four Knights of the Road awards. ”

But even at a company that has always driven very economically, it turned out that it could be even better. “Additional training from Volvo Trucks has helped even more. A fuel coach has arrived and has been riding with each of the boys on an I-Save truck for three days, ”says Robbie. “Currently, the average savings that we measure with the I-Save cars is 5.5 percent compared to the rest. And we keep that well. Because in principle every driver has his own car. You know them best. So I think that if our boys with I-Save still drive 5.5 percent better, that on average 7 percent is certainly not an exaggeration.

Insight into fuel savings

How much fuel a 5.5 percent saving is, only becomes really clear when you know that one of those I-Save vehicles drives no less than 264,000 kilometers per year. “We have a total of four in the same work and then you can reasonably compare,” Robbie considers. “Those trucks never get cold. They run around the clock with changing crew and are only stationary a few days a year. In one year we see a saving of 4,000 liters of diesel with I-Save and Turbo Compound compared to the other three. That is also a CO2 reduction of about 10 tons. “

These optimizations are also of value to our drivers

The drivers also enjoy driving the new engines. “What we hear most often is that the truck shifts much less. This is due to the much higher torque in combination with the longer final reduction. The boys experience this as calming, which is further enhanced by the low revs at cruising speed. For us, fewer switches are always nice: there is less splashing and that is worth a lot in this work. ”

Day of the Truck Driver – 12 Dec 2019 Van Waveren participates!

The Day of the Truck Driver: time to put our truck drivers in the limelight as well. Numerous companies and organizations support this initiative: BP, Albert Heijn, Jumbo, TVM, Randstad, Mercedes, Scania, Etos and Gall & Gall and of course Van Waveren Transport. Thanks!

Goal: an unforgettable day for all those truck drivers

Fair. Sincerely. From the heart. Full of warmth. Convey appreciation. Because without all those hard-working drivers, all those foodstuffs, building materials, packages, clothing, containers, general cargo and parts will not get anywhere. They are the indispensable link in a country where distribution is central. Being a driver is a profession and we like to put our drivers in the spotlight with the aim: an unforgettable day for all those truck drivers. Together we make it a party!

Annually recurring phenomenon

Sector institute Transport and Logistics and Truckstar thinks that all hard-working truck drivers in the Netherlands should be put in the limelight. That is why there is now Truck Driver’s Day. This year it will be December 12, 2019. It will be an annual phenomenon, on every second Thursday of December.

Do you meet a truck driver or delivery person at work or at home on December 12, 2019? Put on a heartfelt big thumb and say “Thank you!” On social media you can also: Thank you! # DVC2019

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