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50 years safe on the road

A professional and international family business. Specialised in the transport of dangerous goods by road for 50 years. Our main business activities and services consist of tank container transport and fuel distribution.

Van Waveren Transport a Family business

We are a professional and international family business, where we treat our clients like family. For three generations, the transport company has focused on education, guidance and training for the safe transport of dangerous goods by road.

We mainly transport tank containers with chemicals and fuels. Of the 65 tractors, 45 are in our own blue colour. These tank containers transport chemicals mainly in the Benelux, Germany and Antwerp, but also in France, Spain and Turkey. The other trucks are used for fuel distribution.

Focus on traffic, quality and safety

Van Waveren distinguishes itself in the transport sector through personal involvement with our 120 qualified employees, a modern fleet with about 65 tractors and close cooperation with our clients.

In 1972, father Es van Waveren founded the eponymous ‘Van Waveren Transport’, with the aim of professional and safe transport of hazardous substances by road. From that day on, he focused on traffic, quality and safety. This Es policy is still important to us today, or even more important!

Our specialists

Our team consists of various specialists, each with their own specialist knowledge. Our own QHSSE department (Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment) within Van Waveren is where the decisions are made.
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Company Philosophy: Everything at Van Waveren is aimed at delivering the highest possible quality in the safest possible way. Quality and safety go hand in hand and are in the genes of our transport company.
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Company history

Our company history has 50 years of education, guidance and training for the safe transport of hazardous substances by road. Van Waveren Transport is a professional family business, with three generations so far…
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Behind the scenes


3 generations knowledge and experience at Van Waveren Transport

Father Es van Waveren has meanwhile handed over his position to his three daughters. Besides QHSSE manager & safety advisor daughter Marga, her sister Annemarie works in the company as an administrative employee and her other sister Esther is co-owner.

Es is now retired, however he is still regularly present and busy with technology. Grandson Rowdy is on the transport planning and cousin Robbie is fulfilling the role of QHSSE manager (quality, health, safety, security and environment, ed.).