Company history


From the day father Es founded Van Waveren Transport in 1972, he has always worked hard for high quality and safety and was not satisfied with less

3 generations knowledge and experience

Our company history has 50 years of education, guidance and training for the safe transport of hazardous substances by road. The timeline below shows the highlights of the developments within Van Waveren Transport from 1972 until now, where Es’s policy is still important to us, or even more important!


Van Waveren Transport was founded in 1972 by Es van Waveren

Goods are transported to and from the ports of Amsterdam and in winter oil is transported for the oil company Shell. A year later, shell also outsources the transport of motor fuels and Van Waveren started to specialise in tank transport.

The courier service of Van Waveren

In 1981 Adri, Es’s wife, started setting up a courier service for various clients in the graphic industry. This courier service was later expanded with distribution with box trucks for general cargo and pallet shipments for various industries.


Sea container transport is added to our service

In 1985 sea container transport is added, with this Van Waveren achieves an even broader range of services. After the start with sea container transport, this is expanded to the transport of tank containers, specialised in loading, transporting and unloading ADR products. Es and Adri’s three daughters joined the company in 1987. Marga, Esther and Annemarie started as a courier.

Master of transport for 49 years

With a close team of specialised people and fully equipped equipment, the company meets all requirements for safe transport of, among other things, hazardous substances and is a master of tank transport.

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