High quality delivered as safe as possible

Company philosophy: Everything at Van Waveren Transport is aimed at delivering the highest possible quality in the safest possible way. Quality and safety go hand in hand and are in the genes of our transport company.

Up-to-date and innovative equipment and training

As a service provider in transport, we not only meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, but also safety and the environment. We achieve this high level with up-to-date and innovative equipment and a lot of training for our drivers and transport specialists at the head office.

Due to the level of training, our drivers have excellent fuel economy results. By focusing and steering on the driving behaviour of the drivers, economical driving behaviour and automatically more CO2 reduction is achieved. In addition, ADR and BBS are the standard for us.

Safe transport of dangerous goods by road

Van Waveren Transport stands for innovative, reliable services and the safe transport of hazardous substances in tankers and tank containers by road. Based on developments in society, the organisation feels strongly responsible for people, animals and the environment.

Our philosophy: from compensating to reducing CO2

Focus on safety, environment and climate. This ensures continuity, satisfied drivers and many regular clients. Besides the fact that our drivers achieve very good fuel economy results, consuming more than 2 million liters of fuel per year, we are always looking for more savings.

Volvo Fuel Concept Challenge

We are moving from compensating to reducing. It is no coincidence that we have won the Volvo Fuel Concept Challenge and the Shell Fuelsave Partner European Driver Competition four years in a row.

Climate agreement based on CO2 reduction program

Van Waveren Transport aims to provide services that offer continuity to its clients, by offering sustainable equipment and being guided by the needs of the industry. The climate agreement forms the basis of our energy transition and CO2 reduction programme. The use of a sustainable training program for our employees contributes to both the development of a healthy and vital lifestyle and a further reduction of CO2 emissions.

Due to the energy transition, we are exploring the market and are looking for opportunities that match our vision and mission.