New tractor MAN TGX 18.470 drives 10% more economically

New tractor MAN TGX 18.470 drives 10% more economically

Last week our driver Erwin Mulder received his new tractor, the MAN TGX 18.470. This new model is up to 10% more fuel efficient than the previous models.

Lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions

To be successful, it is necessary to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). The main influencing factor here is the fuel consumption which makes up 30% of the TCO. MAN has therefore taken a range of measures to further optimize the airflow guidance along the cab. These measures lead to lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, which of course fits in perfectly with our program from CO2 compensation to reduction.

Accident prevention & emergency braking function

The tractor is equipped with the following safety systems:

-Lane Change Support with blind spot assistance
-Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go (with remote control)
-Lane Departure Warner (LDW)
-Emergency brake assistant (EBA)

The latter safety system prevents accidents (warns the driver of an imminent collision and activates the emergency brake in the event of danger) and warns the traffic behind (the emergency brake flashing function warns the traffic in the event of an emergency braking).

Van Waveren Transport does not cut corners on safety. We wish our Erwin a lot of safe km with his new truck!

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