Our drivers back in the spotlight: Truck Driver Day 9 Dec 2021

Our drivers back in the spotlight: Truck Driver Day 9 Dec 2021

On December 9, 2021, there was again plenty of attention for our hard-working men and women behind the wheel of the truck. Rightly so. Because they make the difference: Safe on the road. Thank you!

Attention and publicity for the truck driver

We at Van Waveren Transport think our drivers are worth gold and are therefore participating in the Day of the Truck Driver again this year with a nice promotion to start a new tradition to put drivers in a well-deserved spotlight and at the same time increase the attractiveness of the truck driver. increase the profession. Thank you truck drivers! #JEBENTEENTOPER #DVC2021

Our drivers are worth gold

On the day of the truck driver, one of our female drivers, Monica Picu, sat at the table to talk about her job in the cabin on the KRO-NCRV talk show M, where Margriet van der Linden discusses the news of the day. Monica works with us in fuel distribution in shifts, day shifts and night shifts. Monica loves everything about her job as a truck driver. She describes the truck as a moving office. You have everything you need with you. Especially yourself of course. You’re the director, you’re the manager, you’re the secretary, everything. She has been doing the job for twenty years and really likes that the view is different every time.

Monica also received a price from us for the day of the truck driver, a well-deserved surprise. Because as she herself says: “Congratulations with us ;-)”

More attention for the driver’s profession

“I think we should show the children, especially from an early age, what kind of profession this is, how beautiful this can be. Just show what we actually do. Perhaps also useful if you are going to get your driver’s license to just put someone behind the wheel of the truck for an hour. Just in line with your driver’s license. To show, look this is possible, but this, this is it! That feeling and that vehicle following you… You don’t learn that from a book, I think that feeling comes from within” says Monica about the attention that the driver’s profession should deserve. Curious about the full interview with Monica? Check it out here!

We are also still looking for truck drivers for our tankers and tank containers! See our current vacancies below.

Job: Tank Truck Driver

As a tanker driver you will load and unload fuel to keep the road traffic going. This is an important task, you are flexible, you follow all safety regulations carefully and you are busy with the administration.

Job: Tank Container Driver

As a tank container driver you mainly transport chemicals to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. You leave on Sunday evening or Monday morning and return on Friday or Saturday. More information?

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