Tank truck driver Monica nominated for Shell Smiling Stars

Tank truck driver Monica nominated for Shell Smiling Stars

The Shell Smiling Stars corporate event is an internal incentive program of Shell. A personal once-in-a-lifetime experience for over a thousand people from more than 60 countries during 4 days in Dubai. Our tanker driver Monica Picu will be present!

Monica will witness a varied program consisting of a welcome evening, business conference, leisure dinners, awards ceremony, leisure tours and concluded with a Gala Award Dinner.

The example of an excellent tank truck driver

As a thank you for her enthusiasm, expertise, trust and commitment, Van Waveren Transport is pleased to announce that we have nominated tank truck driver Monica for the Shell Smiling Stars Awards! She is the ultimate example of how we like to see a tanker driver working in their profession.

Tank truck driver Monica about the best of her profession

Monica was also previously interviewed about her role as a tanker driver in the talk show M, where Margriet van der Linden discusses the news of the day. On December 9, 2021 it was Truck Driver’s Day. That’s why Monica Picu came to the table to talk about her job in the cabin. Monica about the best of her profession: “Everything. Everything is the most beautiful, is that possible?! It’s a kind of freedom you have.” Watch the fragment (in Dutch) here: M • Thu 9 Dec 19:05

The work in the picture; the promo video making-of

To introduce our Monica, a professional promo video has of course been recorded in which she talks about her job as a tank truck driver and where she of course shows her work! Curious about how that worked? Watch the making of below!

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