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Conscious and sustainable

The company policy is aimed at carrying out the assignments in a safe, environmentally conscious and high-quality manner. Customer satisfaction is central to this. Our company is SQAS registered  and tested annually by an accredited certification agency.

Sustainable with CO2 reduction

The focus on safety, the environment and climate, through CO2 reduction, among other things, is our business model. For example, the focus and control on the driving behaviour of the drivers results in economical driving behaviour and more CO2 reduction. In short, a sustainable investment.

The QHSSE department (Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment, ed.) has a central position in our company with the aim of guaranteeing quality and making sustainable decisions.

Durable and safe

Quality and safety are fully embedded in our corporate culture and our daily processes. For example through the SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) assessment. In addition, we offer a lot of training and experience. In addition, much attention is also paid to corporate social responsibility.

Take our driver Martin Kolff from Dirksland. He was allowed to call himself the safest driver in the Netherlands for another year in 2021! Read more…


Van Waveren Transport mainly drives tank containers with chemicals and fuels. Four of our 65 trucks drive almost continuously. One of these is a Volvo FH 460 with I-Save. At more than a quarter of a million kilometers per year, I-Save with Turbo Compound engine saves thousands of liters of diesel and saves tons of CO2.
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Safety is number 1 at Van Waveren. This subject is a daily issue within the organisation. Efforts are made to continuously improve quality and safety by means of toolbox meetings, meetings and training courses. All this with due regard for the protection of humans, animals and the environment.
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Training & eduction

Employees who start working at Van Waveren Transport first go through an induction program. Depending on diplomas and experience, a suitable program is offered for the education & training. Possibly supplemented with training.
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In the classroom

Duurzaam en training in de klas

Education & Training

Our drivers have the following training and certificates:

  • ADR certificate
  • BBS (Behavior Based Safety)
  • ISOPA (MDI/TDI) transport in tanks
  • Incident response tank truck drivers
  • Safe loading and unloading

First of all, it allows them to safely load, transport and unload dangerous substances within Europe. They are also able to anticipate, drive safely and defensively. Finally, the driver is not only trained in how to act in emergency situations, but also knows and is familiar with the hazards involved in loading and unloading hazardous substances.