Safe on the road

Safety is number 1 at Van Waveren. This subject is a daily issue within the organisation. Efforts are made to continuously improve quality and safety by means of toolbox meetings, meetings and training courses. All this with due regard for the protection of humans, animals and the environment.

Safety because of our drivers

In the year 2021 our driver Martin Kolff from Dirksland could call himself again the safest driver in the Netherlands for a long time. Read more…


Van Waveren Transport has been tested against the SQAS guidelines. SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a system that evaluates the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of logistics service providers (LSPs) and chemical distributors in a uniform manner. Conducted by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire. View our recent SQAS certification here

Safety systems

Since the arrival of safety systems for trucks, Van Waveren Transport has invested in these systems to increase the safety of our drivers and other road users. We work with the following safety systems:

Adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning with emergency stop feature
Lane Keeping Support
Lane change Support
Driver Alert Support

Adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning with emergency stop feature

In heavy traffic, the radar and camera-based Adaptive Cruise Control ensures a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Partly by automatically controlling the accelerator pedal and all available brakes. Projecting a warning lamp onto the windshield, the intuitive Collision Warning system warns the driver. This avoids the risk of a collision with a vehicle. In short, considerably less risk of serious injury, partly due to the automatic emergency brake activation.

Safety with Adaptive Cruise Control

Lane keeping support

Unintentional lane changes are often cited as the cause of serious accidents. We think too often. To reduce this cause, Lane Keeping Support (LKS) monitors road markings using a camera. For example, the system warns the driver when he exceeds these markings.

Lane Keeping Support safety system

Lane change support

With the Lane Change Support (LCS) system, radar technology scans the blind spot on the passenger side for other road users. So if it is not safe to change lanes, for example because of a cyclist, the system warns the driver. Once this happens, a buzzer will sound and the driver will see a flashing icon next to the passenger mirror.

Safe with Lane Change Support

Driver Alert Support

This intelligent system keeps track of driving behaviour. If the driving behaviour differs from normal, the driver will receive a warning. At that point, he sees a signal and a notification on the dashboard advising him to pause. When a second message appears, the cruise control switches off automatically. As a result, the truck slows down slowly.

Driver Alert Support

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