Training and education


Training & eduction

Proper education and training program

Education and training, subject to qualifications and experience, is offered with an appropriate program to employees entering employment. Every new driver at Van Waveren Transport first goes through an induction program.

What do our drivers have?

ADR certificate

The ADR certificate, also known as the ADR diploma, is a European recognized certificate of competence to be allowed to transport dangerous goods within Europe. The ADR certificate is mandatory for the driver of a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in quantities that exceed the exemption limits specified in the ADR.

BBS (Behavior Based Safety)

In the practical training ‘Safe Driving (Behavior Based Safety)’, anticipation, safe and defensive driving are central. The training counts in the context of the Code 95 in-service training obligation.

ISOPA (MDI / TDI) transport in tanks

Product and safety training. This driver training package has been developed in collaboration with transport companies, for drivers and those working in the logistics supply chain in line with the Responsible Care ® principles, to ensure the safe loading, transport and unloading of isocyanates (chemical substances).

Incident response for tanker drivers

In this practical training for incidents, the driver is trained how to act in emergency situations. The training concerns product knowledge of hazardous and non-hazardous substances, firefighting and first aid.

Safe loading and unloading

This course makes the driver familiar with and familiar with the dangers of loading and unloading hazardous substances, how to anticipate this and the use of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Training: continuous code 95 education

Professional drivers working in professional goods transport can maintain their professional competence (which was previously the driver’s diploma) if they follow 35 hours of refresher training during 5 years.

Recognized trainers

By repeating the above training courses in time, the mandatory refresher training is no problem at all for our drivers.

The vocational education and training for drivers are provided by various recognized trainers in the Netherlands, such as Volvo Trucks Netherlands, Westpoort and Wierks.