Transport by road

Chemicals, waste and animal by-products


Tank containers and fuel distribution

Transport of dangerous goods by road is what Van Waveren Transport has been a specialist in already for 50 years. The main business activities and services consist of tank container transport and fuel distribution.

Tank container transport

Our tank container drivers mainly carry chemicals to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. We strive for high quality and safety for the transport of (non) hazardous substances. To this end, our drivers closely follow all safety regulations and carry out the associated administration themselves.

We work with many regular drivers. They usually leave on Sunday evening or Monday morning and normally return on Friday or Saturday. It sometimes happens that it is mentioned abroad.

Fuel distribution

Our tanker drivers load and unload fuel to keep road traffic going. An important task and serious position. For example, they closely follow all safety regulations and take care of the associated administration to guarantee quality and safety.

At Van Waveren, our tanker drivers are flexible, because working hours can vary in fuel distribution. They therefore work in day and evening/night shifts.

Tank container transport

Our tank containers transport ADR goods (dangerous substances) by road on a daily basis with different types of light concept tank container chassis. The tank containers are mainly set up in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Amsterdam.
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Fuel distribution

Fuel distribution and supply of Shell gas stations throughout the Netherlands has been one of Van Waveren Transport’s activities since 1973. The distribution transport of motor fuels is done by tankers with specially equipped equipment, which is preventively maintained and regularly replaced.
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Van Waveren Transport has a fleet of over 65 trucks equipped with the latest technical safety systems. The modern trucks can be divided into tractors with container chassis and tractors with tank trailers.
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Behind the scenes

Transport planning

Transport Planning

Because specific requirements are set for each transport, the planners determine which vehicle and equipment is needed on the basis of all kinds of information.

In addition, the planners always choose the most suitable driver. For example, for the carriage of dangerous goods, the driver must be in possession of a valid ADR diploma. The choice of a certain driver may also be due to the fact that he has a lot of experience in the country of destination and the goods to be transported.

The planning is first and foremost done via automated systems. In addition, our planners not only have geographical knowledge to determine the best route, but they are also aware of the local situations. For example, diversions due to road works, calamities (eg border blockades), traffic jams, deviating traffic regulations, etc.

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