over 65 trucks equipped with the latest technical safety systems THIS IS OUR


Fleet with over 65 modern trucks

Van Waveren Transport has a fleet of over 65 trucks equipped with the latest technical safety systems. The modern trucks can be divided into tractors with container chassis and tractors with tank trailers.

Tank containers main transport

Van Waveren Transport mainly drives tank containers with chemicals and fuels. Four of the 65 trucks drive almost continuously. One of these is a Volvo FH 460 with I-Save. At more than a quarter of a million kilometers per year, I-Save with its Turbo Compound engine saves thousands of liters of diesel and saves tons of CO2.

70 percent in our own blue color

Of the 65 tractor units, 70 percent are in our own blue color. With this, tank containers with chemical products mainly travel to the Benelux, Germany and Antwerp, but also France, Spain and Turkey. Occasionally it goes to Morocco and even Belarus. That is not regular transport. It is usually because the customer has an urgent order that does not fit in the regular logistics chain. We have also arranged that kind of work very well, for example also in Scandinavia. The other trucks are used in fuel distribution.

Most of fleet: Volvo

Most of the Van Waveren fleet consists of Volvos. Today we certainly buy them because of the good relationship with the dealer. The work is much “just in time” and we cannot afford to stand still. This is where the relationship with Volvo is so important.

Extra maintenance and young registration

Preventive we replace slightly more parts than you might normally do. This extra bit of maintenance pays for itself later. Van Waveren Transport does not trade in vehicles. Due to the good maintenance in combination with a young license plate because we drive many kilometers per year, the market always knows how to find us quickly when we replace us.

Track vehicles in real time

All vehicles are equipped with on-board computers and can therefore also be followed in real time. The planning knows where the vehicle is going at any time by means of GPS. The advantage of this is that we can inform our clients in good time about the status of the cargo.

Latest technical safety systems

The equipment in our fleet is geared to the transport of classified and unclassified chemicals, transport of classes: 1 to 9 of ADR (dangerous goods by road) are possible. For this the vehicles are equipped with the latest technical safety systems.

Our systems for safety

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)

A system that is able to control the speed and following distance of the equipped vehicle without any form of communication with other vehicles. It builds on the existing cruise control and is a form of “precrash system”, an automated computer system in a car specially developed to reduce or prevent the impact of a traffic accident.

Forward Collision Warning with emergency brake function

This intuitive emergency braking system warns by projecting a warning lamp onto the windshield when a collision hazard is detected. The emergency brake is activated automatically, significantly reducing the risk of serious injury.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

Literally translated: electronic stability control. ESP supports the driver of a vehicle when he or she enters a critical situation where the vehicle is at risk of skidding: during sudden evasive manoeuvres in front of obstacles, when cornering incorrectly or when the road surface is treacherous.

Lane Keeping Support

This support system monitors the road markings with the help of a camera and warns the driver if these markings are inadvertently crossed.

More information about all techniques, check safety systems.