Tank containers

Tank Containers

SAVE transport OF (non) dangerous goods WITH

tank containers ON THE ROAD

Tank Containers transporting dangerous goods

Tank containers transport ADR goods (dangerous substances) daily by road with different types of light concept tank container chassis: 20, 25, 30, 40 ft. chassis.

Dangerous and harmless substances

Dangerous goods and waste may initially include explosives, gases, fuels or chemical products, but this may also include substances and products that you would not directly label as hazardous. Think of, for example, kitchen waste, food scraps and animal products.

Every day, Van Waveren Transport sets up tank containers in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam, among others. For tank container transport, other places and ports in Europe are also places of loading and unloading.

Tank containers with skilled drivers

The containers are loaded and / or unloaded throughout Europe and sometimes beyond. This is realised by skilled drivers, who have the following certificates:

ADR certificate
BBS (Behaviour Based Safety)
Incident response for bulk drivers
Safe loading and unloading

Fully equipped material

All tractors are equipped with compressor, hoses and different types of couplings to unload tanks on site (by means of air pressure). Our planning / finance department is ready to make a suitable quotation for (special) assignments with “gen set” (generator / TRS) or pump.

The right material for every product

Tractors with hydraulic pump
Tank chassis with electric (peroxide) pump
Tractor with generator / TRS to continue heating / cooling tanks on the road

Safety well organised

The vehicles are fully equipped to transport all kinds of products – both dangerous and non-hazardous. All necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) is always present.

Transport geared to chemicals

The vehicles are fully equipped to transport all types of products – both dangerous and non-hazardous. All necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) is always present. The vehicles are equipped with the latest technical safety systems. You can find more about this on the page of safety systems.

Hazard classes

There are many substances that belong to the group of hazardous substances due to their specific properties. Depending on the specific properties, these are divided into hazard classes. For freight transport, it is important that dangerous goods are classified in.

Tank containers and waste transportation

For the transport of various types of waste in tank containers and tank trucks, Van Waveren Transport has the following registrations to carry this out:
Netherlands VHIB: NH515526VXXX
Belgium OVAM: 106505
Germany: Z NLE10186

Also for the transport of kitchen waste, food scraps and animal by-products in tank containers and tankers we have the following registrations:
Netherlands NVWA: 215020
Belgium OVAM: 106505

Class definitions

1 – Explosive substances and articles
2 – Gases
3 – Flammable liquids
4 – Flammable solids
5 – Oxidising substances and organic peroxides
6 – Toxic and infectious substances
7 – Radioactive materials
8 – Corrosive substances
9 – Various dangerous substances and articles